Frequently Asked Question page.

Q: How long after contacting you for servers will I be contacted back ?  
A: You will be contact with in 5 days, usally we get back to our clients in the sameday or next day, but offten we are out doing events and it takes a bit.    
Q: I bought a ticket for a show you are promoting an I am unable to go can I get a refund?    
A: Please see our Return Policy on the  Customer Service page about tickets    
Q: We paid for your services but we need to cancel the event what is your return policy how do we get our money back?    
A: Please see our Return Policy on the  Customer Service page    
Q: We are unhappy with the services you have provided and would like to get our money back ?    
A: We are always welcome to work with you, if the services have been provided and you are unhappy we can work out the issues. Know that we pay our works and our equipment needs to be paid and maintend. We also work on our reputation so your satisication is important to us.    
Q: We would like to Audtion the DJ / VJ so we can select the one we want?    
A: Yes we have mixes of each DJ and we can provide a list of them and how to get the mixes and we can even have you hear the DJ in a public or private setting.    
Q: Our Event is in another State can you help us with  that ?    
A: Yes we can offten help in other States, we cover most of Texas but we work with other event and dj companies accross the US.    
Q: Is a Promoter a Event Cordinator ?    
A: No a Promoter is not an Event Cordinator we do work with some really good Event Cordinators and Party Planers from all over and we are always happy to point you to them.    
Q: Do you lease Venue or Event Space ?    
A: No we do not lease Venue space, we have worked in Venues all over the State and few outside the State so we do know some good venues, but the Venue needs to match the event. So we can help just let us know what type of event and where and we can let you know the Venues in that area that may fit    
Q: We loved what you did amazing can we refure you to our friends ?    
A: Yes  PLEASE :)